Ladies and gentlemen

      We present you the range of products of Finex Sp. z o.o. We are a wholesaler of second-hand clothing. Our company has been operating for over twenty years. It was established to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

      We will surprise you with speed and professional service and an individual approach to each potential customer.

      Every order is fulfilled with diligence and controlled by our qualified staff. We guarantee you regularity of deliveries and continuity of sales. We offer the possibility to purchase directly from a lorry and assistance in loading the goods to the car.

     We look forward to working with all those who are interested in opening stores with second-hand clothing. We offer you the selection of an appropriate product range.

      We offer systems of good and satisfactory sales. If necessary, we will advise you in the initial stage of your company's development. Our customer base includes customers who have been working with us for over twenty years. Our cooperation with them is still evolving, owing to their loyalty to our company. We know that our professionalism brings mutual benefits.

      Our goods are imported only from well-known companies with whom we have been cooperating for many years, so that we can guarantee the high quality of our clothing. We offer various and very attractive prices and the possibility to see the goods before purchase. We pack clothing in transparent bags weighing from 2.5 to 10 kg. For orders above a tonne we guarantee our own transport within the boundaries of Lublin.

     At the customer's request, an SMS notification about delivery is possible.

      We have our own lorries that are constantly monitored so that our goods are delivered to you in time.  

You are welcome to visit us!!!